Privacy Policy

Responsibility of the Site users

You must take all necessary steps to ensure the information you post on the Site does not contain any viruses of any kind whatsoever, or any other element that could lead to contamination or affect all or part of the Site or any other connected site.
You are responsible for the information you send us, and you guarantee it is neither threatening, nor obscene, nor defamatory, nor contrary to the law or to good moral standards.
You hereby declare and guarantee that any information you send in to the Site is your property and you are granted full rights concerning its disclosure and its unrestricted use. With the exception of personal information (such as curriculum vitae, information forwarded to register as a member of a privileged service subject to our prior agreement or e-mail address) that we consider and treat as confidential, you hereby agree to give MACHIVER BV, at no cost, an irrevocable and unlimited licence to use, modify, reproduce, or publish information, ideas, concepts, formulas, techniques or know-how that you post on the Site, or to carry out all derivative works (hereinafter referred to as "the Utilisation").
You hereby agree to refrain from making any legal claims against MACHIVER BV for the Utilisation of your information and to compensate MACHIVER BV for all claims made by third-parties concerning such information.

Security of your information

Any information you submit to the Site undergoes a process presumed capable to secure it. Nonetheless, in spite of all our efforts to protect your information, we cannot guarantee total security for your transmissions or your personal data, and you hereby agree to bear all the risks concerning protection of information that you post on the Site.

Privacy Policy

We are aware of the importance of protecting your personal data and we do all in our power to protect its confidentiality. In this spirit, we would like to inform you about the protection we provide and our privacy policy concerning personal data.
While visiting the Site, you are offered the possibility to forwarding personal or non-personal information. You are free to forward any information or not. If you do not want us to store your personal information, do not forward any information on the Site. MACHIVER BV can use this information to answer inquiries.
BERMATEC BV can contact individuals by e-mail or by telephone for the purpose of informing them about new products, services or special offers.
If an order is placed concerning a product or a service, MACHIVER BV can contact the user to obtain any information necessary for the correct processing of the order.
On the Site, you can contact us online via our e-mail addresses if you wish to:
forward questions concerning our current and future products, accessories, services, technologies, activities of our Company. We will make every effort to answer your questions. You are asked to give your e-mail address to enable MACHIVER BV to answer your questions.
forward suggestions. By sending your suggestions to any e-mail address of the Site, you authorize MACHIVER BV to make the Utilisation thereof as set out in the Terms of Use of this Web Site.
Any personal information forwarded (such as curriculum vitae, information forwarded to register as a member of a privileged service subject to our prior agreement or e-mail address) will be treated as confidential and we will disclose it solely where needed. We will not disclose it to any third-party. More particularly, we will keep and analyse your curriculum vitae only in relation with our staff requirements, we will use your personal information to register you as a member of a privileged service and we will only use your e-mail address to answer your questions, unless you have agreed that it can be used for other purpose when subscribing to a privileged service.
At anytime you can ask for access, modification or deletion of your personal data previously forwarded to MACHIVER BV. If you wish so, you can send your request via the e-mail address or write to the following postal address :
Gasthuisstraat 96
4001 BE Tiel